Bringing Development to a New Level

Yelling Lion Studio is a Professional Development Studio dedicated to providing revolutionary Cryptocurrency MMO's such as Bitcoin Wars, Dark Anarchy and Lost Armada, just to name a few! With exciting new content being delivered by our dedicated team of technical experts, you'll be sure to love our games!

Bitcoin Wars

A completely new take on gaming, Bitcoin Wars is a 3D Modular Multiplayer Bitcoin Game which allows many players to enjoy many games! Whether you're a fan of MMORPG's, MMOFPS or just a fan of plain old chess, there will be lots of games for everyone to enjoy!

Dark Anarchy

Prefer to play Fantasy MMORPG's? Dark Anarchy is a Module of Bitcoin Wars and will be sure to deliver with it's own independent client, Dark Anarchy will provide enthralling gameplay at every corner!

Lost Armada

Lost Armada is a Sci-Fi MMORPG Module of Bitcoin Wars, developed for Futurism and Modernism, Lost Armada is a cryptocurrency game like no other! Whether you want to conquer your enemies for free or for a reward, there has been no game like Lost Armada before!